Company Overview


Come as you are; we celebrate our differences! At TCC, equity, diversity, and inclusion are not just words. They are our guiding principles as we build our teams, cultivate leaders, and create a work environment that reflects the customers and communities in which we live and serve.


At TCC, we believe our communities need more than just a wireless retailer and our employees want more than just a job. We are committed to making a positive and sustainable impact in the lives of our employees, customers and communities. 


We serve our employees, customers and communities through living out our 5 Promises.

  • We will CARE about the people around us and the world
  • We will CONNECT with the people around us.
  • We will BE AUTHENTIC in our words and actions.
  • We will INSPIRE others to join us in doing good.
  • We will DRIVE THE BUSINESS to greater success so that we can do more good.


CORE stands for “Connecting with Others through Respect and Engagement.” These employee-led groups connect people who share a common interest, quality, background, or goal. They provide a safe and supportive network organized around a shared identity to recruit and retain a diverse inclusive workforce. Some CORE Groups include:

Circle of Influence (Women's Support Group)
Everyone is invited to join this group which celebrates, encourages, and supports women in our organization.

Prayer and Encouragement Group
The Interfaith Prayer and Encouragement Group is to provide a place for employees to gather, share, support, and encourage one another through faith.

SAGE (Sexuality and Gender Equality)
SAGE aims to create an open and safe space for LGBTIA employees to meet, share fellowship, and join in the work to create an inclusive culture of acceptance, dignity, and respect.

The B.A.R.R. 
The Black Alliance at Round Room is an inclusive environment that will contribute diverse education and drive retention of Black employees at TCC through awareness, engagement, and opportunity.

PAUSE provides a support system for anyone directly or indirectly struggling with mental ?health, substance abuse, and overall well-being. Our core values are based upon our acronym. We believe that through Patience, Acceptance, Understanding, Support and Empathy, we're able to provide guidance through life experiences to help navigate the road ahead.

WINS is to enhance the quality of life, while spreading optimism that you can be and become exactly who you were meant to be. All while encouraging and supporting others through Wellness, Impact, Nutrition and Strength. 

MILE will promote and facilitate Mentoring, Inspiring, Leading and Empowering. We have a rich treasure of people with "lifetime keys' - keys to various aspects of the life journey; keys that can be shared to help others on their journey. 

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